29 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

Irrlicht Engine: A free open source 3d engine

Irrlicht is an open source 3d engine.
If you know C++, you can easily use it.
It comes with a package which can be used on Linux,Windows and MacOSX. In other words, you have platform variety.
Using Irrlicht makes making 3d animations and game graphics easy for you.
I used it with GCC compiler and had no difficulties while using. Its documentation is enough for a person who little knows about making graphics.
Irrlicht can be found at: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/
You can see screenshots of the projects made with Irrlicht Engine at this address:

And also a part of this project, irrKlang is another powerful tool if you are interested in making a game. It provides the sound engine for your works. It can also be found at the same address.

Enjoy your 3d worlds!

28 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

Prolog, A Logic Programming Language

Prolog is a useful language in logic issues.
It's paradigm is declarative. In other words, you declare some realities and it creates the relations using a backtrack mechanism. It creates a search tree from the realities that you declared and searches for all valid paths. You can also tell it to cut the operation when it finds a valid way.
Prolog is a very powerful tool if you are interested in developing artifical intelligence-like models and also if you are trying to prove mathematical and computational issues.
The syntax of prolog is a bit different from the usual programming languages that we are familiar with. It consists of declarations which end with a dot as in natural languages. And the symbol :- means that the left-hand side is true if the expressions on the right-hand side are all true.
A short Prolog example is below:


The little program above means that socrates is a human, and all human beings are mortal. So after loading the source file with command below:



consult('full path of file').

You can make the query mortal(socrates) and you will get yes. Note that if i wrote Socrates instead of socrates, i would mean everything is human.

If you are interested in it, you can find a detailed information about Prolog here:
Prolog Guide

My personal choice of prolog implementation is GNU-Prolog, which you can find at:

23 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi


-- benim aracılığımla üye olursanız bana da katkınız olur :)

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16 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

Fonksiyonel dillerde sözdizimsel kaygı

Haskell'de yazdığım kodları incelerken sözdizimiyle aramın çok iyi olmamasının bana kodun küçüklüğü ve okunabilirliği açısından kayıp yaşattırdığını fark ettim.
Bu nedenle fonksiyonel dillerde sözdizimine hakim olmanın önemini bir kez daha kavradım.